Thursday, September 25, 2008

My family

So there's not much more fun than being hired by your own brother-in-law to take photos of his kids, and then throwing your own kid in there for the fun of it.  Here's my niece and nephew E and D, with my blond pigtailed girlie on the end:
4192 by you.

We took them apple picking, but the apples weren't ready a couple of weeks ago when we went, so we had to just enjoy a hayride and some corn picking.  The BEST corn I've ever eaten... by far!
4188 by you.

Here's when E tried to convince her brother that he was having a great time sitting with his cousin.  Don't you love this?  And Annie's forced smile on the right - just perfect.
4371 by you.

And here's my very favorite shot of my bro-in-law with his two cuties.  I love all their faces in this picture so much:
4176 by you.

And of course seven year old E had to show us her handstand.  Not bad!
4344 by you.

And here's the whole crew, with Grandma, too.  I had loads of fun, and it was great to get all the kids together.  Annie just idolizes her cousins so much :)
4245 by you.

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