Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grinning cousins

These two cute cousins were born within a couple of weeks of each other, and are just too funny when they play together. C, on the right, loves attacking L, on the left. Looks like he might be going in for a smooch or a tackle just before this shot...
3532 by you.

And here's big boy C by himself:
3495 by you.

And pretty girl L alone - I love the toe grab here:
3506 by you.

L and her momma:
3592 by you.

C and his daddy:
3609 by you.

C with both his parents (we were sad to miss L's dad - but a doctor's work is never done!) We'll get him next time.
3717 by you.

For now we'll have to make do with some perfect toes. It was wonderful to meet you guys, thanks for having me!
3573 by you.

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