Sunday, February 22, 2009

Seven months later

Sweet H's first photoshoot was in the hospital when he was just twelve hours old. And now he's a big boy of seven months old, with a perfect grin:
3195 by you.

Lifted high in the air by his mom:
3213 by you.

I love this grin:
3202 by you.

With his happy daddy:
3154 by you.

Tush in the air, pensive expression... too perfect...
3171 by you.

Really fun to watch these guys play with their boy:
3137 by you.

And here's a sweet angel expression:
3241 by you.

Learning the piano from his uber-musical dad: Great to spend time with you guys!
3293 by you.

1 comment:

henok said...

He already start performing--look his eye contact with the audience.