Friday, March 13, 2009

Sweet, and just one month old

When I arrived at baby V's house yesterday I walked in the door and her poor mom and dad looked nervous. The poor pumpkin had been having a really tough couple of days - gas pain was making her cry almost inconsolably. It was about two months ago that I last saw them for their maternity photoshoot, and I think they were worried we wouldn't get great pictures if poor V was having a tough time. But I love the moments like this that we got:
3820 by you.

And after some time bouncing on daddy's knee, I think V's belly felt better:
3786 by you.

And a little snooze never hurts, too:
3842 by you.

Then we tried a nice warm bath, which definitely did the trick (and made for super sweet pictures):
3918 by you.

Because then the sweet girl seemed much better:
3807 by you.

And even gave us some rare 4 week old smiles:
3938 by you.

I loved getting a chance to meet V and see you guys, thanks so much for having me back. Can't wait to see her this summer when she even bigger!
3873 by you.

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