Friday, February 20, 2009

School vacation week

My 3 year old is home with me for the week, so I haven't gotten much real work done, but we had a wonderful playdate this morning with my college roommate and her nearly 2 year old son. Here she is, playing the pied piper (Annie LOVES her):
3077 by you.

And the kids got along so well, dancing and playing. Of course they could barely remember other times when they played together, it was like making a new friend:
3055 by you.

And fast friends they were. Don't they look related here?
3032 by you.

Here's one of the handsome dude by himself. I can't believe he's going to be two next month:
3039 by you.

And my pretty girl, nearly 3 and a half (and just a couple of months from becoming a big sister!):
2999 by you.

And I love this with Mr. Potato Head's glasses :) Great to see you guys!
3052 by you.

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