Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week 2 of my maternity leave...

You didn't think I'd only post pictures from the first few days of Sadie's life, did you?  If only I'd had a blog back when Annie was born, I would have inundated the blogosphere with Annie pics. 

And now, since her sister has just tons of pictures from her early days, I had to snap a few today while her big sister was at school.  Look at those big eyes!
8559 by you.

And looking lovingly up at her dad:
8628 by you.

Showing us her Obama "bump":
8581 by you.

Look at those rolls, already!
8641 by you.

Wait a minute, is she smiling, and only 11 days old?  To be fair, it's not exactly something that happens often yet, but I'm so excited the shutter clicked when it did.  And, she's obviously brilliant.
8637 by you.

Last but not least - tiny toes.  Next week I'll include her big sister again, but wanted to focus on the little girl by herself a bit here.
8670 by you.

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