Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Our own little bundle, Sadie, born just a few days ago:
8529 by you.

She's alert, obviously brilliant, and in all other ways doing really well:
8403 by you.

Her big sister couldn't be prouder (giving her a good squeeze when they first met at the hospital):
8337 by you.

She's been waiting and waiting and waiting for her baby sister to arrive... and finally it happened.
8412 by you.

I love toes pictures, and here they are... my favorite toes in the world:
8540 by you.

A big smooshy kiss for a little smooshy girl:
8479 by you.

Love love these tiny fingers:
8460 by you.

And can't beat the sleeping by the windows moments...
8513 by you.

So, as you can tell, I'll be taking some time off to get used to being a mom of two.  I'll be shooting again in June, and checking email on and off for the rest of the month of May.  Thanks for all your kind wishes and sweet messages - we're all doing really well.
8506 by you.


nancy said...

adorable!!! and i absolutely LOVE the name. enjoy!

Patti said...

Jess - the photos are beautiful and so are Sadie & big sis. Best wishes to you all!

tina said...

jess!!! sadie is absolutely precious, and look at you, snapping away just days after GIVING BIRTH. dare i say that annie is looking more and more like you, and sadie looks just like ev??? CONGRATULATIONS mcdaniel family!!!!!