Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Three boys having a blast

These guys love their swingset:
1916 by you.

But before we went outside, the bigger boys showed me their action poses:

1776 by you.

I've been taking pictures of big brother K since he was just a little guy - look how big he is now:

1862 by you.

Sweet middle brother N was a newborn when I first visited (he's a big boy of 4 now):

1858 by you.

And G joined the team two years ago now - he's already so big!

1874 by you.

Here are the three cuties on the couch:

1804 by you.

And a last one on the hammock.  What's better than those giggles you get with your big brothers?  Not much.  Wonderful to see you guys!

1973 by you.

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