Friday, January 23, 2009

Amazing eyes on these girls

Ooh, I love childcare and the slow January season! I took these photos earlier today, and thanks to my mother-in-law's preschool pickup, was able to focus the rest of the day on them. I love being able to turn things around so quickly at this time of year!

So I know this one is a non-traditional family shot, but I just love it.
2466 by you.

And pretty big girl W:
2621 by you.

And sweet little girl H:
2609 by you.

The girls and their giggles. I love this look W is giving H here:
2597 by you.

The girls, all dressed up:
2411 by you.

It was great to meet you guys! Thanks for inviting me out :)
2477 by you.

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