Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Flickr, my newest addiction

You might have read in other posts that this isn't my busy time of year, and therefore I get to catch up on all the sleep I missed during the holiday season, think about planning for 2008... all those great things. And now I also get to play with a new fun toy that I'm quite sure I'm the very last person on the planet to discover:

It's just so impressive to click on "Explore" and see photos that people have posted in the last few days! There are so many fabulous photographers out there. Really inspirational. And the best part is being in groups where people comment on your photos, and you comment on theirs... it's addicting to check and see what photos other people have posted, or what they had to say about your photos.

I know, I know - you guys have all been there, done that. I've apparently been living under a bit of a rock. My husband's been telling me to get on Flickr for years now and I've been ignoring him (sorry). So if anyone else is like me (echo... echo...) and hasn't seen it yet, you should check it out.

My flickr page is here. Where's yours?

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